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TN: Autistic boy partially blinded by school bully wins large settlement from school district

Jacob Gentry, who is Aspergers-type autistic, was bullied for years at White House Heritage School in White House, TN.

Gentry, now 19, recalls: "They would shove me into lockers. They would take my backpack and run through the school with it and stuff."

Gentry's mom, Misty Phillips, says she spoke with school administrators on many occasions about her son's being bullied.  She says school staff did nothing to help.

In 2006, when Gentry was in 7th grade, his teacher left the classroom unattended.  Another boy, W.K., hit Gentry in the face with a textbook, blinding Gentry in one eye.  

Gentry is now legally blind.  His medical bills from the attack were over $92,000.

Phillips sued the Robertson County school district for failing to protect her son.  This week, the family was awarded a $300,000 settlement.

W.K. was convicted of aggravated assault, and given community service as punishment.  When he turned 18, his juvenile record was expunged.

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(warning: ableist language)
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