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Australia: Mall Santa made fun of autistic kids, mom says

A Queensland woman says a mall Santa mocked her autistic sons and threatened them with jail.

Tammy Sleeth took her sons, 7-year-old Liam and 6-year-old Cameron, to see Santa at Sheiler Park's Logan Hyperdome shopping center on Dec. 15. Cameron was wearing a shirt that said: "Think before you judge, I have autism."

Sleeth says the Santa looked at Cameron, who was dancing around in excitement, and said, "has he had his medication today?"

When the boys started telling the Santa what they wanted for Christmas, Sleeth says Santa interrupted them with "What about a jail cell? Do you want a jail cell?"

Sleeth told mall management what happened. Management says the Santa no longer works there, and they're investigating the incident. They also sent the Sleeths a package of toys.

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