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CO: Woman who killed "autistic" son is insane, shouldn't get jury trial, lawyers say

A Colorado woman who confessed to killing her infant son because she thought he was autistic should get a hearing to determine if she was legally insane when he died, her lawyers say.

Stephanie Rochester is accused of killing 6-month-old Rylan in June 2010. The county DA has said he doesn't think it's provable that Rochester was legally sane at the time.

Rochester's defense will, instead, ask for a hearing before a judge to determine if Rochester is not guilty by reason of insanity. If Rochester is found to have been insane at Rylan's death, she will go to a state mental hospital.

Rochester has already been declared insane by two psychiatrists who evaluated her after her arrest.

She confessed to killing Rylan by smothering him with blankets and a plastic bag. She told police that she believed Rylan was autistic, which she said would "emotionally and financially ruin" her life.

Rochester had also wanted to kill herself, but said she didn't want to "burden" her husband with supposedly autistic Rylan.

Rochester had worked as a counselor in the past, including work with autistic children.

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Post partum psychosis at it's worst. :-( It makes me wonder if anyone else had noticed that she was "not herself" after the baby was born.