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UK: Special-needs child denied school placement for half a term and counting

Kieran Lewis's family moved to St Ives, Cornwall, in September. He has hypermobility syndrome, dyspraxia, and possibly Aspergers-type autism.

Kieran, 9, was originally given a spot at St Ives Junior School. his mom says that the school then told her that admitting Kieran "would put more strain on other children and staff."

Kieran's mom says his special ed needs are minimal. She says St Ives staff said he should enroll at another school, Nancledra.

Kieran's family went to County Hall, which handles area school admissions, and tried to enroll him at Nancledra. County Hall said he could start there in a week, but half a school term later, he still has not been enrolled.

Kieran's mom says that, after "pestering" County Hall, she was finally told that Nancledra was already one student over their quota and couldn't take any more. She says County Hall has told her they will try to order St ives to admit Kieran.

County Hall won't comment on specific student cases.

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