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MA: Ex-JRC Worker Speaks Out, Says He Witnessed Abuse

Greg Miller worked for the Judge Rotenberg Center, a Massachusetts residential school for autistic children, from 2003-2006. In a recent letter to the editor at an area paper, Miller says he witnessed staff abusing students with electic shocks and other physical and emotional assault.

Miller alleges that JRC staff used electric shock devices on students, sometimes as often as 30 times a day, leaving sores and burns. He says students were shocked for "offenses" such as closing their eyes in class, attempting to hold a staff member's hand, picking loose threads, and asking to use the bathroom during class.

One blind, nonverbal autistic girl was shocked for moaning in an attempt to communicate, Miller says. He also says students sometimes soiled themselves because staff wouldn't let them use the bathroom.

Miller says that, after an incident when a student swallowed a small X-Acto knife blade, the student was repeatedly punished by staff tying him to a chair and poking him with a plastic knife, while shouting at him.

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