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VA: Dad sues school district over autistic son's abuse by personnel

A Bedford man is suing the Bedford County School District after two of its employees were convicted of assaulting his autistic son.

Bus driver Alice Holland and special ed aide Mary Evans were convicted of misdemeanor assault in 2009, for repeatedly attacking 11-year-old Timothy Kilpatrick.

Bus surveillance video from September 2009 recorded Holland and Evans hitting, kicking, and choking Timothy, and beating him with a flyswatter, while he was strapped to his bus seat.

Holland and Evans both got 12-month sentences. However, Holland only had to serve one month, and Evans only had to serve two months.

Holland claims Timothy was disruptive - "spitting, kicking, hitting, and squealing" - and that she repoted this to his school. She also says she told Evans not to hit Timothy.

Timothy's father, Thomas Kilpatrick, first reported concerns to the school district in late 2008. Timothy had been coming home with unexplained injuries, and had developed a fear of riding the bus. Since he is nonverbal, he couldn't tell his dad anything specific about what had happened.

Kilpatrick is suing the school district, Holland, Evans, and Sara Staton, the district's Director of Special Services.

Timothy now attends a different school. His dad transports him.

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(WARNING: link contains graphic video of abuse)