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TX: Police called on autistic man for "acting odd" in store

An autistic and schizophrenic Dallas man was arrested for trespassing at a store after customers said he was "acting odd".

Blake Wimberly, 28, used to work at the Whole Foods Market. When he visited there in April, customers complained to staff about his actions. According to Whole Foods, Wimberly was running in the store. Store staff called police.

When the police arrived, they allegedly found Wimberly in an "Employees Only" area. Police said he was trepasssing. Wimberly explained that he was autistic, showed them a medical alert bracelet, and asked to call his mother.

Wimberly says an officer called him a "liar" regarding the autism information.

Dallas police have the option to give non-violent trespassers citations instead of arresting them, but the police in this situation arrested Wimberly instead. When they called his mother, she did not hear the phone; apparently, no one tried to contact her again. She called the police department back, but was not able to reach anyone there for 12 hours.

Wimberly and his family plan to sue the police department over his treatment.

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